For the summer of 2020, I got hired as a Digital Content Intern at Bell Media for their brands CTV, MUCH and MTV. As an intern, I got to learn everything from social media campaigning to writing editorial articles. For the majority of my work with MUCH, I was responsible for pitching news hits that relate to entertainment and music in popular culture. In addition to pitching and writing the articles, I was responsible for creating the graphics for the articles header images. Here are some of my pieces that I have pitched and were published on
Above are some graphics I made for article headers.
Before starting my internship, I never had much experience writing. With the help of my supervisors, I was able to learn the language and tone that uses and use it when writing pieces for them. The work definitely kept me on my toes as I was responsible for pitching them ideas on pieces to write that were relevant for each day. It's an experience that I won't forget as I have learned so much from writing for MUCH.
Above is a social post I had to cut. I was given all the assets and was responsible for piecing a longer interview version together and made social cut versions.
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