"Ryerson Entertainment Conference is the bridge between commerce and the creative industries. Our vision is to highlight the business potential in the Entertainment, Communications and Media Industries."​​​​​​​
During my first year on REC, I was brought into the team as a Graphics Associate. For this past school year (2019-2020), I was the Creative Director for #REC20. I made so many connections and learned from industry professionals during my time on the REC team. I am so happy that today I get to continue being a part of the team as the Executive Vice President. 
My creative team! From left to right: Nick Garel-Jones, Daniel Karan, Me, Kyle Jarencio (below) and Sara Ensan. Nick and Sara worked on #REC20's graphic materials and motion graphics while Daniel and Kyle worked on video/photo promo and conference coverage. In my role as Creative Director, I was responsible for creating and following a brand guide that my own team would use to create marketing materials for the conference. I worked with the Marketing Director to make sure all materials were cohesive and sent the correct messages across campus. Below, you will see works that I created myself and projects I directed creatively.
This video is a promo for #REC20, directed by myself. With my video team (Kyle Jarencio and Daniel Karan), we shot photos and videos for our team photoshoot and promo video. The concept of the video is to get real dialogue from people on the team to speak about what creativity is to them. Video edited with my team: Kyle Jarencio and Daniel Karan.
Here are some portraits from the team photoshoot. The direction I was going for the photoshoot was to incorporate the style of vintage glam, which can be found in old portraits of Hollywood stars. The idea is that we are the upcoming generation of the media industry as we are the ones creating conversations of what it means to be in entertainment, which is why I wanted to highlight the people behind the scenes in a glamorous way. All photos are taken and edited by Kyle Jarencio. 
Here is the #REC20 Instagram page that I worked on with the Marketing Director. We came up with a content calendar and pushed promotions mainly through our Instagram page. I made an effort to curate the page to look colourful and creative to represent our unique identity amongst other student groups and initiatives. 
Here are two designs of #REC21 stickers for delegate packages.
Here is a short motion graphic for our AirPods giveaway using Adobe After Effects
Here are some of the #REC20 graphics I made for our social media for ticket sales, industry tours, location reveal and team hiring.
Here is a floor banner I created to promote conference, which was placed around Ryerson University campus. This was during my time as #REC19's Graphic Associate. As the Graphic Associate, I created lots of marketing materials, which included social media graphics, posters for print and digital, signage, and conference badges for the team, delegates, and speakers. 
Here are some of the name tags I designed for all the people attending our conference (#REC19). 
#REC19 about page for Speaker and Corporate Sponsorship Package.
Company Reveal for #REC19 that was posted on Instagram (@rec_toronto). 
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