For the months of May to August of 2019, I was part of the #RoadToRyerson Orientation Team as a Graphics and Web Assistant. My responsibilities included collaborating with my co-assistant on all promotional material and on-campus activations. At the beginning of the summer, we were both responsible for creating the brand guide and assets for the whole summer campaign. From there, we were both tasked with work where we would follow that brand guide and use those assets. We also worked collaboratively with our whole creative team to make sure the materials we created were all cohesive and would grab the attention of the incoming class starting at Ryerson.
Above is a postcard (front and back) I made to be distributed across campus to invite incoming students to be a part of our #RoadToRyerson 2019 campaign. 
For the #RoadToRyerson campaign, I was responsible for creating activations for the Student Learning Centre (SLC), one of Ryerson's most popular spots on campus. It was an activation where people could interact with the stairs by having a personal dialogue with the stairs every time you walk up them. On the left you can see the person placing the decals onto the stairs. On the right is the final product of my simple and fun design (with a little mistake by the person who placed the decals). 
Here are Instagram story graphics on important things to bring to O-Week, the last week of August. Here, I was able to practice designing simple icons that were recognizable and fun for people to click through. 
Above is the #RoadToRyerson 2019 Passport! This project was a huge accomplishment for me as it contained 16 fun pages for new students to familiarize themselves with Orientation Week and contained some campus tips! The passport had 3,000 copies that were distributed to every incoming student. The passport was especially unique due to the covers folding out into a campus Map and a post card that students could cut out and mail out. 
Here are some Snapchat filters I made for events that were happening during the week. Excuse the poor quality and my awful dance pose.
Another project our team was tasked with was coming up with an activation for the Orientation event "SLC Live". Together, we worked on this "story board" where new students could tie a string around their answers. Eventually, it would be covered in yarn due to high amount of answers. 
During Orientation Week, I was a photographer for some events. One of the events was a concert held by Bangerz Brass. Here, I was able to capture photos of them during their performance and make GIFs for our socials.
Above is a short animation I made for the concert. We had screen graphics that would play on loop for our music concert nights to help promote the event. This particular animation was for the "Rhythm and Flow" concert.
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