In the summer of 2022, I joined the creative agency Sid Lee as a Content Creator. I got to work on amazing clients, such as UGG, making content that was fun and colourful. 
Below was an April Fools joke the company wanted to do, which garnered lots of attention on Tik Tok from the online community. Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok 1, Tik Tok 2
Below is a collage edit showcasing many different UGG products. It was used on UGG's Instagram stories and for a Tik Tok. Link to post: IG Stories, Tik Tok
Below are some collage edits with content from influencer partners. We took images submitted by the partners and edited them in a fun collage with product imagery. Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok
Below is a game of "eye spy" as you can alter this shoe to have the strap or without. It's a fun way to showcase the different style possibilities in a fun graphic and game. Link to post: Instagram
Below are some fun memes with product photography and photoshoots. This was just a fun way to bring photoshoots to social. Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok
Below is Barbie-like poster for one of UGG's products. This moment online was trending where people would edit themselves in the Barbie posters that went viral. With a quick turn-around time to get on the trend, I made this poster that helped the company stay relevant and on-trend.
Below is a fun Tik Tok format to showcase user-generated content from influencer partners in a quick video edit with trending audio (Link to post: Tik Tok). The second video showcases the collaboration between UGG and artist MONICA AHANONU. Video clips were provided by the artist and I put it together with the music (Link to post: Tik Tok, IG Reel)

Link to post: Tik Tok

Link to post: Tik Tok, IG Reel

Below is a fun launch post for a new UGG product and a Tik Tok format to showcase festival styles. The first video is a reveal video to showcase the new Hishine UGG shoe (Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok). The second video a product recommendation video edit that shows specific products at the end that match the aesthetic of the previously shown images (Link to post: Tik Tok).

Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok

Link to post: Tik Tok

Below is a Spotify Wrapped template I created for the client to use and plug in their content based on real data. These graphics were used as stills for Instagram and TikTok
Below are image collages of influencers wearing UGG products. The images were sourced directly from UGC with UGG influencer partners (Link to post 1: Instagram, Link to post 2: Instagram).
Below are product images used to promote the new Hishine UGG shoe (Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok). 
Being a Content Creator for UGG also means I am a stylist for UGG. Below are some outfit graphics to pair with UGG shoes under a specific theme, such as "SATURDAY - DECORATING FOR THE HOLIDAYS" (Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok). 
Below is a "Choose Your Spring Fit" graphic format used for Tik Tok and Instaram (Link to post: Tik Tok, Instagram).
Below are some fun graphics made for Valentine's Day. I created the template and concept for the client to use and publish (Link to post: Instagram).
Below is a fun graphic referencing the book cover design of "Animorphs". It was a fun way to show that we are getting ready for the warmer weather (Link to post: Instagram).
Below is the April Fools joke for 2024. The idea was to highlight the comfiness of the Tasman product with a funny and tasteful amateur design (Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok). 
Below are influencer collages highlighting the Venture Daze product ssing the main colours from the SKUs (Link to post: Instagram, Tik Tok).
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